Richard Pryor Mudbone Sketch

Richard Pryor’s Mudone video routine is one the all time favorite from the 1977 series, The Richard Pryor Show in which the comedian introduced for the first time the character. Even though there were aired only four episodes before the TV show was canceled, the skteches with Mudbone became quite popular and they still are.

The brilliance of stand-up comedian Richard Pryor was proved one more time with the Mudbone routine in this particular video, which was considered at some point his masterpiece. The comedian’s talent to imagine crazy and absurd things and to put them on stage for all of us to watch is not equaled by anybody yet. Pryor still remains the legendary man with legendary sketches.

Mudbone is far one of the funniest characters Richard Pryor had ever invented, he, Mudbone that is, being an experienced guy who pinpoints obvious things and details his experiences without being asked, just talking and remembering things that happened long ago. The character in this routine resembles very much the old folks who if once got one chance, never stop telling stories.

The way in which Pryor constructs his story while impersonating Mudbone in the video is typical black man’s speech with the appropriate gestures. His look is the most comical characteristic, giving you the impression that he lives in his own universe. In less than three minutes Pryor via Mudbone manages to make you laugh so hard your belly will hurt.

Mudbone’s experience with people gives a shade of psychological dimension to the video routine, making Pryor’s comedy show not just funny but witty as well. The humor he uses addresses to certain individuals. His stand-up video routine is not just about autochthonous humor, but intellective, unique and original.

Watch Richard Pryor Mudbone sketch, a classical routine which will never get old to help you reevaluate stand-up comedy and routines.

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