Richard Pryor - First Black President Sketch

Richard Pryor is on the top list of 100 all-time greatest stand-up comedians, on the list made by Comedy Central. Richard Pryor`s First Black President sketch is part of NBC`s “The Richard Pryor Show”, which unfortunately aired only 4 episodes back in 1977. The DVD of the show was released years later, in March 2004, with a bonus disk included.

The downside of NBC airing the show was that it was aired at 8 PM, opposite Laverne and Shirley. The topics in Richard Pryor`s First Black President routine cover a wide range, including all kind of weird subjects, such as the idea of having black people in the outer space, because white people have been doing it for a long time and also NFL coaches. The talk about this matter is not presented in any random way, but at a press conference, with Richard Pryor as the president of the United States of America. This is the scene for all the topics included in Richard Pryor`s First Black President routine.

One of the funniest moments in First Black President routine of Richard Pryor is that when he is asked about his fetish about white women and his relationship with them. The comedian answer is, as expected, one that shows his humor once again “Well…this is why they call it the White House”.

The press conference is not an usual one, as famous people like Robin Williams, Marsha Warfield and Sandra Bernhard appear as reporters. In another question asked by the press, President Richard Pryor says that Black Panther Huey Newton could be the future director of the FBI, since he knows the ins and outs.

Richard Pryor`s First Black President routine is a very funny sketch, which only shows once again the unique humor of Richard Pryor. He is very appreciated as a comedian and you should watch his sketch, as well as other DVD of his stand-up comedy shows.

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