Pablo Francisco Preview Guy Routine video

Pablo Francisco's Preview Guy is a video routine from the comedian’s Bits and Pieces stand-up comedy show in which the most talented magician of impression impersonates unbelievably well the voice of Don Lafontaine, the man we always listened in the previews, either for the movies or for documentaries, in which we all heard at least a few times the famous lines: “ In a world…” or “One man…”.

Pablo Francisco’s impression from this video made led him in the very front line of stand-up comedy. The routine represented the comedian’s breakthrough and made him famous for the way in which he imitates the voices of Don Lafontaine, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Keanu Reeves and impersonates other characters, real or fictional during his routine.

The voice of the preview guy could sell any movie, no matter how uninteresting it was. Likewise comedian Pablo Francisco saves every show he presents using the voice of the preview guy and changes everything he said and acted so far. People go mad about the way in which the stand-up comedian not only imitates any voice, but Francisco has also the ability of using different sounds to make his video more interesting, like guns and heartbeats.

Pablo Francisco used his talent and developed a different point of view on the voice of the Preview Guy in almost every stand-up comedy video he presented, starting with Bits and Pieces and going on with all of his shows and routines. It’s a sketch that will never lose its comic dimension, no matter how often Pablo will use it in each of his shows, because every time the comedian renews and changes it, and relates differently to it.

Do not miss Pablo Francisco Preview Guy. Watch the most popular sketch of the genius stand-up comedian to see another way of building stand-up comedy directly on the stage.

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