Pablo Francisco Little Tortilla Boy Routine video

Little Tortilla Boy is another of the comedian’s video routines form the Bits and Pieces DVD Live from Orange County, released on 2004. This particular routine is the one that actually made him famous and drew millions and millions of fans to his stand-up performances. The video has lots of views and likes on every site where it’s uploaded.

No matter the subject, the one and only stand-up comedian Pablo Francisco manages to drive his audience crazy every time he walks on that stage. His enormous talent of mimicking and sound effect is peerless. It’s not farfetched to say that Pablo Francisco invented himself, because what he does in each and every one of his routines is original and unique.

If it was considered that Don Lafontaine could sell any movie with his special voice, Pablo Francisco proves that it is true. Inventing such a movie like Little Tortilla Boy with such an actor as Arnold Schwarzenegger and still make it sound like the most interesting movie is a genius move. The comedian is extremely self-confident. He possesses some very vital and essential features representative and necessary for his job. No wonder he is always at his best and often in the top of stand-up comedy videos and routine. Watching Pablo Francisco even for a minute will convince everyone that he was born for stand-up.

Pablo Francisco’s ability of transforming every common subject into a great stand-up routine is proved in the Little Tortilla Boy video, as the comedian shapes a piece of art directly under the audience’s eyes, on the stage, which seems to be Pablo’s favorite place, and the routines his habitual daily needs.

Watch Pablo Francisco Little Tortilla Boy video routine and let the comedian indulge your sense of nostalgia while presenting a fictional Arnold Schwarzenegger blockbuster as there used to be.

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