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Pablo Francisco Jackie Chan video routine comes from the stand-up comedian’s second DVD from 2006, Ouch! Besides talking about Jackie Chan, he also picks on Jet Li and Bruce Lee. And, of course, the customary preview man’s voice.

As usually, Pablo Francisco uses his trademark sound effects and builds up a very comical show once again. What is remarkable is the fact that, although he uses the same sketches, the comedian does not repeat his material from the previous video, Bits and Pieces. Pablo Francisco manages to squeeze out every smile and laughter from the audience once again.

The specialty of the stand-up comedian Pablo Francisco is mimicry, and he is very energetic and engages his whole body in every routine he does. What is particularly impressive about Pablo is the fact that he acts on the stage as though he were alone in his room, at home, or maybe with his closest friend, although there are lots of people who watch him. The comedian is on stage in his comfort zone, and this totally helps him achieve the very best in the stand-up comedy business.

In this particular routine, the comedian is mocking Jackie Chan especially, but also the very false impression movies try to present us while, for example, each and every one of Jackie’s enemies wait their turn in order to be beat up. Also while imagining Jackie Chan as a stand-up comedian the jokes he proposes for the actor are amazingly funny, making this routine one of the most entertaining part of the whole stand-up performance.

Make sure you watch Pablo Francisco Jackie Chan video routine if you want to take a good and healthy laugh about the comedian’s imagination, that proves once again how talented a man must be to make you laugh from the beginning until the end in a routine or performance.

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