Louis C.K. Gay Marriage Routine

Stand up comedian Louis C.K. is no mild comedian. The Gay Marriage routine stands as proof that he is not afraid to talk about taboo subjects. Part of the Shameless stand up comedy video released in June 26, 2007, the Gay Marriage routine is a hot topic and Louis is not afraid to talk about it.

Starr and writer of his own TV show, Louie, stand up comedian Louis C.K. is not what you call family friendly. He talks about all the strange things that most people are afraid to talk about and his language isn’t a soft one. The stand up comedian cusses a lot, but without doubt his stand up comedy routines are outrageously funny.

In the Gay Marriage routine, stand up comedian Louis C.K. imagines how the case of legalizing gay marriages are debated on the court of law in Massachussess, especially by the accusing part. The stand up comedians can understand how you can rationally explain why gay marriage should be legal, but he can’t figure out how this thing can be legally rejected.

Then, the stand up comedian passes on to explaining your kids why are people of the same sex together and he gets to one single conclusion: “Stop your life!” Louis C.K. can turn a rather controversial matter into a laughing material so easy. And he is not that offensive as well. At one point in the Gay Marriage routine, the stand up comedian wonders why people get so offended or disagree with someone being gay. The argument is quite simple: “Nobody is being gay at you!”

Stand up comedian Louis C.K.’s Gay Marriage routine will have you in stitches from laughing and will make you see with other eyes the issue of gay marriage for sure.

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