Jeff Dunham Sweet Daddy Dee Routine video

Jeff Dunham Sweet Daddy Dee video routine was introduced by the ventriloquist and stand-up comedian in Jeff Dunham Arguing With Myself performance, DVD released on 2007.

Jeff Dunham Sweet Daddy Dee video routine review

The Sweet Daddy Dee puppet is presented by the comedian as his personal and new manager. The doll refers to himself as a PIMP, but what Jeff Dunham does in this video routine differently from other routines is the fact that he plays with the language. This way the abbreviation used for Sweet Daddy Dee comes actually from Player In a Management Profession. Although the puppet’s job is respectable, Dunham dressed him a bit inadequately and funny, giving the video more comic credits. His clothes are slightly surprising if associated with his professional job he has in this routine.

Being colored, Jeff Dunham makes Sweet Daddy Dee talk in the very specific style of the black people, using expressions like “ho” to refer to the comedian himself when he is objecting, and even hate speech in some cases, and also because the comedian’s job is to make people laugh while receiving money. Again the surprisingly self-mockery is used by the stand-up comedian. Besides this Dunham also profits from Sweet Daddy Dee and gets away with racial remarks, so he manages to turn everything into his advantage just to entertain his audience without being accused of political incorrectness. This way the comedian saves his act and does something other comedians wouldn’t do without being negatively stereotyped.

The routine is short and funny, and contains catchy sketches that make it even funnier to watch it. So make sure you have not missed another one of the genius stand-up comedy and talented ventriloquist’s video and character. Watch Jeff Dunham Sweet Daddy Dee video routine to have a few good laughs during around eight minutes and meet another funny character that you will love.

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