Jeff Dunham's Walter running for President routine video!

Walter running for President is presented by stand-up comedian and ventriloquist Jeff Dunham as a special bonus on his DVD Spark of Insanity. The comedian presents his puppet Walter which is always the symbol of the old and grumpy American as a candidate in the political campaign to run for President of the United States.

Jeff Dunham Walter running for President Video Review

Stand-up comedian Jeff Dunham develops, besides the usually stand-up comedy routines and videos ventriloquism as well, which makes him more special than other stand-up comedians. Dunham uses his puppets to build up his routine, which comes as a discussion between the comedian and another character through which the ventriloquist speaks freely, using curses or hate speech.

In this particular routine, comedian Jeff Dunham uses Walter to create a funny and entertaining stump speech, which starts with a typical political assuming: “I discovered that people like me!”, in which gender jokes and especially the ones about the race are not missing. Dunham may be regarded as a racist while separating black people or Native Americans from the white ones.

The Q and A session which the stand-up comedian introduces is genius because of his spontaneous and original answers to some really comical and unexpected questions. Jeff Dunham in this video routine does something unusual for an American: he uses hate speech and addresses it not to an individual, but to a community. Such a thing is to be avoided in an American society, but the routine stand-up comedian and ventriloquist surpasses this and makes his audience go absolutely crazy about his comedy.

Alongside his jokes and speech, Jeff Dunham uses the puppet in order to bring absolute hilarity on the stage, which gives him extra credit, because he doubles the comedy and the means of doing it.

Personally, I love Jeff Dunham and his video routines, the way in which he builds tension between comic and grumpiness. I would totally vote for Walter after the speech in the routine. Watch Walter running for President from Jeff Dunham and give him your virtual vote!

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