Jeff Dunham Peanut Doll Routine video

Jeff Dunham Peanut video routine is a short and entertaining video, part of Spark of Insanity DVD. The comedian also has earlier routines with the Peanut puppet; nevertheless this one is regarded as one of his best sketches he presented so far.

Jeff Dunham Peanut video routine review

Peanut is another one of the ventriloquist’s dolls, which he presents as coming from a small Micronesian island. Jeff Dunham gives to his strange unknown creature a personality just as edgy as his body is. While Peanut presents himself as being a woozle, with purple skin and a fury body and a lock of green hair on the top of his hair, he is a sarcastic and hyperactive creature, making fun of everything around him. As an extra comical feature, the stand-up comedian made him wear only one sneaker, a red one.

Jeff Dunham customizes Peanut in his routine as an imprudent child, but attached him such remarks only a grown up could make. He picks on everyone and everything. Peanut makes fun of the mobile phone and the network, roads, the people from the audience, interacting with them and especially about Jeff, his personal issues and life, always ending their conversations in a tone of a mock fight. This is why the two, the comedian and his puppet build up an odd but great couple in the video routine.

The stand-up comedian Jeff Dunham makes use of observational humor, especially in the peanut routine, as he, the comedian, uses sarcasm and irony as input for his puppet. The lines he chooses for peanut are absolutely genius, and the contrast on which this puppet is built made this routine one of my personal favorite from all the ventriloquist’s performances.

If you take your time and watch Jeff Dunham Peanut doll routine, I’m sure you will hunger for more. Dunham’s routines are truly addictive, and his stand-up comedy is one of the most witty and allusive there can be.

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