Jeff Dunham Melvin the Superhero Guy Routine video

Jeff Dunham Melvin the superhero video routine is part of Spark of Insanity DVD, released on 18th September 2007. In ten minutes time, the well known and beloved comedian and ventriloquist gives us a whole new perspective upon superheroes.

Jeff Dunham Melvin the superhero video review

Melvin the Superhero is Dunham’s puppet, impersonating in the routine a guy who thinks that he was endowed with superpowers. He seems to think too much of him, as he describes that he has X-ray vision, though he fails to use it in a constructive way, but he takes a peek to the ladies’ “boobies”; Melvin also thinks he can fly, as long as Jeff Dunham will throw him away, so he equals that with the comedian’s power to throw. And then he comes clothed in his costume, which is blue with green. The resistance piece Melvin considers being the theme song, without which any superhero would be just a loser. Being so important, Melvin included the letter from his team song in his superhero costume, which he proudly wears.

As long as Melvin is powerless, Jeff Dunham begins, via Melvin which he uses as a medium, to deconstruct each and every one of the well known superheroes. The stand-up comedian starts with Superman; Melvin describes him as a “showoff”, not quite intelligent guy; then he picks on the totally wrong relationship between Batman and his sidekick Robin, compares Aquaman with SpongeBob and makes fun of Catwoman.

All the features the comedian Jeff Dunham uses to personalize Melvin the Superhero add much more spice to his stand-up comedy routine, in a decent, funny and entertaining atmosphere.

Watch Jeff Dunham Melvin the Superhero video routine to meet a powerless superhero, sculpted by the ventriloquist and comedian himself. You will surely change your personal favorite hero with Melvin after you watch his show, in which he even loses his hair. Enjoy!

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