Jeff Dunham Bubba J Routine video

Jeff Dunham Bubba J video routine is part of the ventriloquist’s DVD Arguing With Myself. The Bubba J puppet appears also in Jeff Dunham’s Very Special Christmas stand-up comedy special.

Jeff Dunham Bubba J video routine review

What comedian Jeff Dunham is trying once again to do in this routine is to make his puppet impersonate a real character, from daily life and from every society, in this particular video the drunk guy always asking for another beer, pissing everybody of with his promiscuous jokes, who has no job but watching TV and sleeping.

The Bubba J puppet is described by the comedian himself as “white trash trailer park” and he is the opposite of the other puppets which Dunham shows on stage in his other routines. Bubba J is the perfect symbol of time killer, beer drinker, fan of Wall-Mart and Nascar, with a very very low level of IQ. Yet he is capable of making fun of himself, talking about his fat wife and his absolutely terrible sex life, without even having an idea that he is actually entertaining.

You don’t need to wait too much to realize that the video will be funny because you will surely burst into laughter only by watching Bubba J’s face, which is absolutely the most comical from all the comedian’s puppets. Also his big and naked belly and his dumb laughter give him a huge advantage in front of the other of the stand-up comedian’s characters. The way in which Jeff Dunham makes his puppet use the simplest and common language is absolutely hilarious.

This video routine represents a very true reality, but in the most comical and entertaining way, without hate speech, without curses and offensive jokes, without mockery. Yet Dunham strikes again and offers us one of the most serious videos to watch, with a great amount of comedy and implication.

Definitely watch Bubba J routine video from comedian and ventriloquist Jeff Dunham to bring fun and laughter in your day!

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