Jeff Dunham Achmed Jingle Bombs routine video

Jeff Dunham’s Achmed The Dead Terrorist is the best known routine from the well known and beloved stand-up comedian and ventriloquist, which appeared in Spark of Insanity stand-up video, the comedian’s second live-performance, DVD released on 18th September 2007. It’s filmed in the same characteristic way: the ventriloquist using his puppets and tackling the most unexpected subjects.

Jeff Dunham’s Achmed The Dead Terrorist Routine Review

Achmed The Dead Terrorist from the video routine is Dunham’s skeletal puppet, described by himself as a “flesh wound”. He’s an incompetent suicide bomber who does not believe he is already dead. The comedian made him the funniest terrorist in the whole world, whose famous line “Silence! I kill you!” is constantly addressed to the audience, which, while watching it immediately burst into a crazy laughter. This later became one of the most used and known quotes of Jeff Dunham.

While using Achmed in the routine, the stand-up comedian Jeff Dunham brings up sensible and controversial topics like Muslim faith, their vision after death, terrorism linked with religion in the same civilization, their motivation for suicidal. Besides these Dunham also mentions personal issues, like his sex life with his wife, a typical subject used by the comedian in other routines as well with his other dolls: Peanut and Walter.

The comic allure is given by the terrorist’s naïve way of regarding things not only in his own culture but also in the American one, while responding to the comedian’s questions on different subject matters. Jeff Dunham in this video routine treats, more than ever, his puppets as live and sentient human beings, building up his entire comic act upon the tensions and differences between them.

Don’t miss watching Achmed The Dead Terrorist routine by Jeff Dunham, a video internationally known and viewed. I’m sure you will totally enjoy it and look for more stand-up comedy from the same comedian.

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