George Lopez Spanglish Routine

Maybe the thing he is most known for in his stand up comedies is that George Lopez defined the language of Latinos living in the USA and named it Spanglish. This stand up comedy routine taken from his America’s Mexican stand up comedy video explains why he called it like this.

Part of America’s Mexican released on DVD on 3rd July 2007, George Lopez’s Spanglish stand up comedy routine focuses on explaining what language the Latinos are talking in the USA. This routine is a George Lopez classic and gathers the best qualities of the stand up comedian: he is passionate, outrageously funny, right on the spot and not afraid to take on “his own people”.

In Spanglish routine, stand up comedian explains us how Latinos talk. It is not Spanish but it is not English either- it is Spanglish. The best part of this stand up comedy routine is that he gives his own experiences: he talks about his grandfather and his aunt when exemplifying how Latinos talk. Now we also have a name for the language Lopez has in his entire stand up comedy videos: Spanglish.

What is so funny about George Lopez Spanglish routine is not only the topic but also George Lopez’s performance. He is so funny and expressive that you will roll on the floor laughing when you watch this and all of his routines. The way he talks, the way he walks, the way he stares and even the way he does nothing will have you in stitches for sure, because he is one of those stand up comedians who own the stage and have instant chemistry with the audience.

After you watch Spanglish routine I am sure you would like to watch his entire America’s Mexican stand up comedy video and to see all his routines. George Lopez videos worth your time!

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