George Lopez: Kids Today Routine

Kids Today routine is part of stand up comedian George Lopez’s America’s Mexican video released on 3rd July 2007. In this stand up comedy routine, George Lopes talks about the contrast between old-school values and modern-day children, pointing out the fact that children today could not stand a chance back in the days when he was a child.

In Kids Today stand up comedy routine, George Lopez refers to situations like sports, boredom, bed night stories and shopping. The stand up comedian’s stage presence is extraordinary. George Lopez is the kind of stand up comedian who really knows how to work a crowd. Even if he is just standing on stage, doing practically nothing, you can still see people in the audience laughing. For this, Lopez gets bonus points for his stand up comedy style.

Stand up comedian George Lopez can make everything sound funny just by the way he talks. He mixes Spanish with English very natural. Lopez even invented a language called “spanglish” to define his outrageously funny comedy style. Even his facial expressions are priceless and they really spice up his act.

In Kids Today routine, George Lopez talks a lot about his relation with his grandmother and hoe she treated him as a child. He doesn’t complain about it, he just underlines the fact that kids today wouldn’t last as much. Even if the stand up comedian touches an old subject, he manages to make it even funnier than other stand up comedians did before. And not because his jokes are better; Lopez just has his trademark charm he uses to win over the audience.

You should really watch George Lopez’s Kids Today routine because you can easily relate with his stories. Maybe the modern-day child would not understand the humor in it, but an adult will absolutely know what he is talking about.

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