George Lopez: Brad Pitt and Jesus Routine

The Brad Pitt and Jesus routine is part of stand up comedian George Lopez’s Tall, Dark and Chicano, released in 2009. In this stand up comedy video George Lopez talks about race relations between Mexicans and Latinos, and also European Americans. Tall, Dark and Chicano is considered by most people to be George Lopez’s best stand up comedy performance yet.

In this particularly stand up comedy routine, George Lopez point out the resemblance between Brad Pitt and Jesus. One might wonder what do they could possibly have in common. I warn you, the answer is not at all obvious and it might be at all politically correct. But, after all, is George Lopez we’re talking about here!

As the comedian states in Brad Pitt and Jesus routine, the two are actually…Latinos! How did George Lopez get to this conclusion? It is quite simple and his arguments are very logical, but build on classic Latino stereotypes. I do not want to spoil your fun and tell you the stand up comedian’s arguments, but I can assure you that, on some level, you will agree to that Brad Pitt and Jesus is Latino.

George Lopez’s stand up comedy is in most part based on race stereotypes, but with Brad Pitt and Jesus routine he points out the most common Latino stereotypes society today developed and implanted on our collective thinking. Leaving aside the two main characters of this routine, the stand up comedian is right on the spot in this video routine. Even if some of you may find the Brad Pitt and Jesus routine a little offensive, the fans of George Lopez will surely find it hilarious, especially coming from him, because this stand up comedy routine has George Lopez written all over it.

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