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George Carlin’s Ten Commandments routine is one of his most famous routines. In this stand-up comedy routine, you can watch an angrier, raw and caustic George Carlin who is not afraid of telling it what it is. He takes on religion, being a declared atheist. The best part of this the Ten Commandments routine is that the stand-up comedian really knows what he is talking about because he states that he was raised in a catholic family.

The Ten Commandments routine is George Carlin’s way of telling us that the Commandments where only made to control and frighten us and it is really not necessary to have ten commandments, it only takes to basics ones and one extra from the stand-up comedian. He talks with so much passion and he brakes down all the Ten Commandments with such rational arguments that it really gets you thinking.

On the other hand, besides all the serious arguments stand-up comedian George Carlin gives in the Ten Commandments routine, he makes it real funny to watch and listen. His examples are very humorous, his mimic and facial expressions are hilarious and he acts like he totally owns the stage. And what is more important, his audience is really with him.

You must consider one thing tough, if you want to watch George Carlin’s Ten Commandments routine: this stand-up comedy routine is not for the very religious type of people who get offended easily when it comes to religion. He is very raw and unforgiving in this routine. He doesn’t care if he will offend someone because he knows his audience and he knows that this is what his fans expect from his stand-up comedy.

So, if you are an open-minded person and you prefer the kind of stand-up comedy which makes you laugh but think at the same time, you should really watch George Carlin The Ten Commandments routine. But if you are very religious and easily offended, I don’t think you will enjoy it so much.

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