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George Carlin Stuff routine is a part of the stand-up comedy video Playin’ with Your Head, released on DVD in 2003. In this stand-up comedy routine, the late comedian George Carlin, in his own characteristic way, takes on the stuff all people have and how they have trouble managing them in different situation.

Stand-up comedian George Carlin is well known for his observational stand-up comedy and for telling things as they really are. Even if he is very serious, his routines are hilarious just because they are so true. This is the exact situation with the Stuff routine. The main idea is that you only have a house because you need a place to put all you stuff.

In Stuff routine, stand-up comedian George Carlin takes on people’s need to have their stuff all the time in order to feel safe. The problems begin when you have to stay the night at somebody else’s house. Now, you have lots of problems, all of them involving you stuff. First, what stuff will you take along; then, where do you put them because the room you are about to stay in is already full with the owner’s stuff. This stand-up comedy routine is completely hilarious; the way George Carlin sees the problem of your stuff is really funny, but truthful at the same time. Moreover, the examples he gives will have you in stitches but will make you realize how our stuff begins to define us.

When you watch George Carlin’s Stuff routine, you can see a rather young George Carlin. He is not that angry like in his last stand-up comedy videos but he is still raw and on the spot. Maybe a lot of us did not even realize what our stuff really mean for us and how we depend on them. For me, being a girl, it totally applies because may purse is always full with stuff because I think that you never know when you’ll need something. The fact is, I hardly use everything I have with me, nut it sure really makes me feel safe knowing that I have them on me.

I highly recommend you to watch George Carlin Stuff routine because it will make you realize how much your stuff really mean for you. And if you will watch this stand-up comedy routine, you will surely want to watch his entire show and maybe all of George Carlin’s stand-up comedy videos.

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