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Stand-up comedian George Carlin remained in our memory as the angry, temperamental entertainer who is not afraid to tell it like it is. One of his favorite topics in his stand-up comedy shows is religion. The stand-up comedian is a declared atheist even if he was raised in a catholic family.

The Religion is Bullshit routine is a typical stand-up comedy moment for George Carlin. He takes on everything relating to religion, God, the Ten Commandments, God’s plan, praying and much more. When it comes to George Carlin, we all know that his stand-up comedy is truthful but funny in the same time. He is not afraid to speak his mind, even if he will hurt some people in the process.

The Religion is Bullshit routine is not for the easily offended end definitely not for the religious people because stand-up comedian takes on “the invisible man” in a way that no other stand-up comedian ever did. In this stand-up comedy show, the late George Carlin also points out the Bible’s contradictions but he does this in a very funny way. George Carlin is not afraid to talk about the things some of us at least once have though of but were maybe scared of saying it out loud.

On the other hand, in Religion is Bullshit routine, George Carlin confesses that he has decided to worship the sun. He backs up his statement with some genuine and pertinent but in the same time outrageously funny arguments.

The funny and the anger gather in this stand-up comedy routine, one of the most famous routines ever presented by George Carlin during his career in stand-up comedy. Religion is Bullshit routine will make you think, will make you question the information you receive and exactly this was George Carlin’s plan: to make people not to take for granted any information they receive. If he made you at least to think about religion, the stand-up comedian had touched his goal.

Unless you are a very religious person, you should really watch George Carlin: Religion is Bullshit routine. It will make you think but it will entertain you in the same time and you will want to hear even more from George Carlin.

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