George Carlin Baseball vs Football Routine video

The worldwide famous stand-up comedian George Carlin is known for his raw, angry humor and his observational stand-up comedy that is not only funny as hell but very insightful too. The Baseball vs. Football routine is one of the comedian’s most “gentle” routine but it wears his unmistakable signature.

If you are a baseball or football fan, you will surely enjoy watching this stand-up comedy routine because George Carlin put this two sport games into a totally different light we ever thought of. Whit his talent and wit, the stand-up comedian put in balance baseball and football, pointing out the differences between the two most famous games.

The first thing that one can observe watching Baseball vs. Football routine is the tone George Carlin uses when he talks about the two sport games. Only listening to his tone you can find the first difference: football is a much more tough game than baseball. Along with his funny voice come George Carlin’s facial expressions which make from the stand-up comedian a real entertainer.

The main line in the Baseball vs. Football routine is that football is tougher than baseball, but watching stand-up comedian George Carlin talking about this is a real delight because only him could think about this kind of differences. For example, in this stand-up comedy routine, George Carlin compares even the seasons when the championships begin: baseball begins in the spring, when everything comes to life and football begins in the autumn, when everything dies.

In Baseball vs. Football routine, stand-up comedian George Carlin shows that he can also talk about things which are not that crucial, like religion or politics. Even in this position, you can watch a really critical George Carlin with an extraordinary verbal fluency. He speaks fast and with a lot of content, but the audience is able to understand him and his jokes.

You should really watch George Carlin Baseball vs. Football routine and see one of the greatest stand-up comedians performing high quality stand-up comedy and if you are a sports fan, you will surely enjoy this routine.

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