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George Carlin’s 7 Words routine is maybe the stand-up comedy routine which made George Carlin famous in the world of stand-up comedy. During this routine, George Carlin lists the list of the seven words you can not say on TV without receiving a fine. This stand-up comedy routine is really funny, and it gives us to watch a young George Carlin, not as angry but passionate and on the spot like he has always been.

As soon as the stand-up comedian lists his 7 words you can not say on TV, the laughter begins. We all know he is saying the truth and this makes it even more hilarious. But as George Carlin begins to analyze every word separately, the hysteria begins. You will be rolling on the floor, laughing. At least, the audience watching George Carlin’s 7 Words routine sure are laughing really hard and you can notice that they really enjoy his stand-up comedy routine.

In 7 Words routine, stand-up comedian George Carlin is at his best. He is fresh, energetic; he totally owns the stage and manages to entertain his audience with his wit humor and on the spot observation. He touches a sensitive topic in television, a topic maybe lot of us never thought of. We all know that we cannot say shit, piss, fuck, cunt, cocksucker, motherfucker, tits on TV, but we never sat to analyze why we can not say them. The stand-up comedian George Carlin does this for us and he does it leaving his trademark signature on the 7 Word routine.

George Carlin’s explanations for why we can not say those 7 words on television are absolutely hilarious, but they make so much sense. It also makes in what conditions we could tell them while on the screen. This is why I really hope you will watch George Carlin 7 Words routine: you will enjoy it very much and you will want to see more of George Carlin’s stand-up comedy. After watching the 7 Words routine, watch all of George Carlin’s videos, you will not be disappointed.

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