Eddie Murphy Stevie Wonder Routine video

Eddie Murphy Stevie Wonder video routine is part of the Delirious stand-up video recorded in Washington in 1983. In his extremely well known funny way, the comedian starts the scene by mentioning an encounter which was not too pleasant for him.

Using profane speech, curses, racist jokes and words like “motherf----er” and “s--t”, Murphy relates his earlier routines from the stand-up performance with a more sensitive subject, picking on the great singer Stevie Wonder. Once again the stand-up comedian shows that he can be mean, but never offensive, because he does not necessarily laugh at the singer, but rather at the context in which Murphy locates him. The comedian mocks him, yes, but not without mocking himself in the first place.

It goes without saying that Eddie Murphy has an innate talent of joking, and not just telling jokes, but showing them as well. The comedian engages his whole body while telling the most funny and sharp jokes any stand-up comedian would think of. The routine video speaks for itself, while the comedian seriously assumes his role, actively living his routine, gestures and speech.

Stand-up comedian and actor Eddie Murphy is extremely good when he needs to impersonate certain individuals, which is also the case with mimicking and copying Stevie Wonder in his routine. I sincerely believe that everybody does Stevie Wonder, at least once, but the way this particular comedian interrelates acting and putting into context is unique. Also the remarks that Murphy assumes Stevie would give, although a bit exaggerated, never get old and generate continuous laughter.

Eddie Murphy is a stand-up comedian deserving to be watched, no matter the subject. I cannot imagine that out there is at least one person who can say that he or she does not like Eddie Murphy. In the Stevie wonder routine video he’s once again striking directly to deliver memorable scenes.

I highly recommend to watch Stevie Winder routine from the genius Eddie Murphy, whether you are one of his fan or not.

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