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Michael Jackson is another routine from the stand-up comedian Eddie Murphy, included in his stand-up performance Delirious, which was recorded in 1983 in Washington. Murphy’s characteristic ironic way is once again reveled in this routine video as well, while he impersonates another singer, this time the king of pop music, Michael Jackson.

In Michael Jackson video routine, stand-up comedian Eddie Murphy chooses to pick on one of the most beloved singers, especially among women. Murphy states about Michael Jackson that “he can’t sing, but he’s a nice looking guy”. Of course, the comedian does not finish his ironic comments during the video on this matter; he goes further, telling that although he’s nice, Michael “ain’t the most masculine fellow in the world.”

Objectively thinking, because everyone loved the singer, Eddie Murphy is not far from the truth. Michael Jackson was a good looking, handsome man, yet his masculinity can easily be contested. Women generally tend to over generalize his beauty and his sensitivity, which is obvious and a little strange. It can be easily observed that when the singer was on stage, women were screaming, crying, singing with him. Michael Jackson did have a strong influence upon them; he attracted women because he was womanly and Eddie Murphy knows that, so he takes the chance and puts it in a comic light.

Although the comedian exaggerates here and there when referring to the singer in his video routine, I must confess that when he starts singing, Murphy imitates perfectly the voice of Michael Jackson. The audience goes completely hysterical while watching the stand-up comedian in a three-minute routine mimicking and crying, singing and dancing, impersonating a star without going into offensive language and jokes. Eddie Murphy in this video routine emphasizes such common and obvious things we would never think of.

Watch Eddie Murphy’s Michael Jackson video routine and you will laugh about the singer you surely loved without being offended.

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