Eddie Murphy Ice Cream Routine video

Eddie Murphy Ice cream video routine is part of the Delirious stand-up comedy show in which the comedian routine tackles with day-to-day activities and events, giving them the most comic dimension a comedian could give.

In Ice cream routine, the sketches that Eddie Murphy uses are simply genius, because he does not have to bother and invent or imagine any situation, but he just takes them from the real daily life in an American neighborhood where people and especially children gather and play. The comedian then inserts a very normal event, in this routine the case is the ice cream truck approaching the neighborhood. This is when the video becomes the most comical.

Eddie Murphy observes that there is something about the ice cream truck that makes kids lose their minds and he impersonates what he numerous times had seen: the end of the game, children hysterically running and shouting “The ice truck!!!” and asking for money, parents that order what kind of flavor they want and so on. What follows is the stand-up comedian dancing, singing and imitating the proud child with his ice cream. Eddie Murphy is so energetic and engaged, so actively living the moment that you can be sure he speaks from his own experience.

The comic effect is set also by the stand-up comedian’s using of curses and the well known F word, by Murphy’s use of funny faces and engaging his whole body while building his routine, which, while being watched, assures everybody of Eddie Murphy’s extraordinary talent for stand-up comedy routines. There is no video in which the comedian fails in making people burst into laughter. Murphy achieves this sometimes without talking, or even without moving at all, like it’s the case in Ice cream routine.

I definitely recommend everyone to watch Eddie Murphy Ice cream video routine to get another proof of the comedian’s great talent and vivacity.

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