Eddie Izzard World War II Routine video

The British comedian Eddie Izzard holds a funny lecture about the Second World War, mentioning a lot of aspects that people usually just overlook. World War II is included in his stand-up comedy video Dress to Kill, recorded in 1999.

World War II routine video presents comedian’s Eddie Izzard surrealist ideas on the matter. People are not debating the problem of the war in a comic manner, but the comedian does it in this routine and that’s shocking for the audience to hear.

Although the manner in which the comedian builds up his video routine, everything he says is true. Eddie Izzard firstly mocks the idea of struggling for building up empires and then losing it all once with the war. The comedian’s routine develops then towards mentioning important names from the war periods, like Hitler and Stalin, and also Napoleon. And the comedian has a very specific framed idea about each and every one of them, stating that this kind of people come from the less expected domains.

When referring to Adolf Hitler during the video, Eddie Izzard makes fun of renouncing his hobbies, like painting and vegetarianism in favor of mass murder. Then he compares him to Stalin and others and pinpoints and explains the historical view upon Hitler: he was a mass murderer as many others, yet people have a problem with him because he “killed the people next door” and not his own people.

I think that stand-up comedian Eddie Izzard in the in the World War II routine video makes a really good point regarding how peoples indulge and accept things : “We are sort of fine with that…”. Izzard brings a whole new perspective on fighting, land claiming, land retribution, settling peace.

If you’re tired of finding the same boring political stories about historic events I highly recommend that you watch Eddie Izzard’s World War II stand-up comedy routine.

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