Eddie Izzard Death Star Canteen Routine video

Death Star Canteen, another one of the stand-up comedian Eddie Izzard’s routines presents very briefly a kind of “mockumentary” (i.e. a mocked documentary) about one character from the well known movie Star Wars, which is Darth Vader, being Izzard’s star in the video.

What is special and admirable about the routine stand-up comedian Eddie Izzard is the fact that, without being mean or offensive, he succeeds in making his audience burst into laughter every time he is being watched. Unlike other comedians, Eddie Izzard rarely curses and uses very few offensive words or ideas, yet his routines are tremendously hilarious because, mostly, they are shocking.

In the Death Star Canteen, the comedian, once again, imagines a scene in which he jokes about a matter that has been seriously discussed every time. Star Wars is one of the most beloved movies, treated with a great amount of respect. Nevertheless fiction is still funny with the right man to tell the story. The comedian describes step by step and in details every move and reply from his routine imagined scene, and using the funny faces and the right intonation, the stand-up comedian simply makes his audience hysterical.

Eddie Izzard really shows his implication and his presence on the scene while developing his video routine. He is actively engaged in making people laugh by all means while joking about the most unexpected subjects. For Izzard, stand-up comedy routines are serious business, enjoyable and with immediate feedback. Watching the comedian on the stage, comfortably in his own skin and especially in his clothes, gives you the same feeling.

Whenever you want to watch something new and unexpected and funny and entertaining at the same time, just check out Eddie Izzard’s Death Star Canteen. Even if you’re a Star Wars fan, you can’t be offended by Izzard. He’s smooth and he cares, so watch his routine and be amazed.

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