Eddie Izzard Cake or Death Routine video

Another routine from Eddie Izzard’s stand-up comedy videos is Cake or Death, in which the comedian tackles topics both contemporary and historic, with frequent historical events re-imagined and turned into a comedy video.

In Cake or Death routine video, Eddie Izzard shows us once again a bit of his typical British black sense of humor. It is known that people from England poses and successfully make use of a morbid, almost sadistic type of humor. By no means is this characteristic left out from the stand-up performance of the British comedian’s Izzard routine.

Imagining the Church of England running the Inquisition and asking the victims to chose between cake or death, is not only terribly hilarious, but also a true fact alluded by the stand-up comedian. If it were to think about it, the Inquisition was all about impersonating the supreme good which, once embraced, should gratify people with cake. Izzard is not far from the truth and amazingly witty shapes it in order to give people what they expect: comedy, fun, laughter.

The routine by Eddie Izzard also brings about contemporary events, like people who love being in the house arrest, while enjoying the beneficiary treating, rules just made up foolishly, insufficient reasoning in certain subject matters.

Of course there will be no stand-up comedy routine without impersonating and making faces. Eddie Izzard, as a well-prepared comedian knows exactly when and how to match his speech from the routine with the gestures and non-verbal acting in order to develop a good quality video which would be watched over and over again.

Eddie Izzard is such a comedian who knows exactly what pieces to use in order to solve the big puzzle which is stand-up comedy. His routines are perfect matches for the big video picture, and not only that, but they tackle such issues that we would normally leave aside.

Stand-up comedian Eddie Izzard is not just funny, but brave and provocative as well. This is ebough motivation to watch Cake or Death routine.

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