Chris Rock Gay People, Homophobia and Molesting Uncles video routine

Chris Rock’s stand-up comedy video routine about Gay People, Homophobia, and Molesting Uncles is another part extracted from the comedian’s Bigger and Blacker DVD, from 2000, the great performance that ends the 2nd millennium.

The comedian Chris Rock is dealing with several delicate issues in this stand-up routine. If we look at the title of the three minute and a half video we can easily guess what is this going to be about, no surprise here. Yet, a surprise is the way in which he builds up his speech about the issues he chooses, in the most hilarious and unexpected way. Some of the lines Chris Rock uses are gay-defensive, so to speak, and include him totally. He easily presents his personal choices and options, relating them to real issues like military service, war, camaraderie. He even jokes about well known molesting uncles and other relatives, making a personal problem universal.

What Chris Rock does in this video routine is more than funny lines on different subjects, but directly expressing a credo under a very comic dimension and presenting them to his audience, and later to the public on the DVD’s. The stand-up comedian talks from his personal experience most of the time, presenting what he learned from his or from other’s mistakes. This is a very personal and original way of creating stand-up comedy, definitely a new one.

Even if put in a very informal, colloquial and comical context, the material of the stand-up comedian Chris Rock is more like a life lesson, addressed to all of us. He somehow manages to combine the useful and the pleasurable, building his routine in a very practical manner.

Advocate of anti-racism, not sexist and supporter of the least moral code, Chris Rock offers a very good performance in Gay People, Homophobia, and Molesting Uncles video routine. Make sure you watch it and recommend it to other as well.

Quick Info Chris Rock Gay People, Homophobia and Molesting Uncles video routine

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