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Chris Rock’s Rap Music routine is a part from his stand-up comedy concert Never Scared, released on DVD in 2004. The entire show had a great success and brought to the stand-up comedian a lot of new fans, gaining in the same time even higher appreciation from his old fans. The Rap Music routine contributed a lot to the success of the Never Scared video; it is outrageously funny but true at the same time.

In the Rap Music routine, stand-up comedian Chris Rock talks about his great love and appreciation for rap music. But at the same time, he admits that are some songs he can not defend, as much as he would have wanted to. Stand-up comedian Chris Rock is sincere in showing his love for rap music but he is completely funny at the same time. If you like rap music or if you don't, you will surely like to watch Rap Music routine.

When talking about rap music and rap song the stand-up comedian can not defend, he gives the name of Lil’ John as example, with one of his well known songs, very popular at the moment. In the moment Chris Rock starts to sing the song, the entire audience bursts into laughter and so will you. Just imagine Chris Rock doing rap music, with his high-pitched voice and his very expressive face. I am sure that when you watch Chris Rock’s Rap Music routine, the sand-up comedian will have you in stitches from all the laughter.

The stand-up comedy shows made by Chris Rock are well known to be outrageously funny. He tackles mundane subjects, universal subjects which don’t get out of date. This is the exact situation with his Rap Music routine. Even if the subject is not a very fresh one and many stand-up comedians have talked about it, Chris Rock does a wonderful job at entertaining his audience when talking about Lil’ John’s rap song.

This being said, I highly recommend you to watch Chris Rock Rap Music routine and be prepared to have a blast. And if you enjoy watching this stand-up comedy routine, you should really watch the entire Never Scared video.

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