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Chris Rock is a great stand-up comedian with a large number of fans. He is very funny to watch, he is very good with his stand-up comedy because he is very energetic and passionate. Maybe one of the routine which made Chris Rock even more famous and appreciated is the Police routine.

The Police routine is part of Chris Rock’s Show which aired on HBO during 1996-2000. In one of the comedy episodes of Chris Rock’s Show, the stand-up comedian presents a video entitled How Not to Get Your Ass Kicked by the Police, also known as the Police routine. Chris Rock explains in this comedy video the few simple rules one have to follow in order to not get your ass kicked by the police. He is hilarious and his observations play on the preconceived ideas many people have about police, black and white people and women.

This Police routine is very funny because it touches a lot of subjects like race, sex and stereotypes in a single video. Beside this, Chris Rock’s style has always been entertaining. He gives black people some simple advice which followed would not have them getting your ass kicked by the police.

When talking about stand-up comedian Chris Rock, it is almost impossible not to notice his talent, passion and the amount of energy he puts in his shows. His high-pitched voice have become like a signature for his stand-up comedy style. It can become really annoying, but when you think about it, it wouldn’t be Chris Rock stand-up comedy without it.

You should really watch Chris Rock Police routine, also known as How Not to Get Your Ass Kicked by the Police video, because it is hilarious and the stand-up comedian has some really useful advice to us for not getting in trouble with the police.

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