Chris Rock on Columbine kids routine

On Columbine Kids video is a routine from Chris Rock’s stand-up comedy concert Bigger and Blacker, taped in 1999, DVD released on 18th January 2000. In the show Chris Rock talks about late 20th century biggest issues, such as the controversial relationship between Bill Clinton and Monika Lewinsky, gun control in the U.S.A’s and not only, gays in the military service, doctors, medicine, taxes, insurances and Columbine kids.

In this stand-up comedy routine, comedian Chris Rock takes a poke at the Columbine kids, having perhaps the most insightful line: “Whatever happened with crazy? What, you can’t be crazy no more?” He is practically an advocate of craziness, of sociability, of friendly relationships, criticizing the antisocial behavior of rich and wealthy kids. He’s indirectly picking at differences between the social classes, especially between children, but Chris Rock takes advantage of the event and alludes to the general state of race problems.

One of the biggest talents that Chris Rock has is that he succeeds making you laugh even when he chooses the most horrifying subjects in the world. Be it daily things and issues or the most unexpected things, the comedian in his routine provides hilarious speeches, using specific language and gestures to complete his sketches. Watching him is like watching an angry man sometimes, who speaks up for himself, all in the most comical manner. In On Columbine Kids video routine Chris Rock literally rocks; he owns the stage and feels and looks comfortable, as in the most common situation.

Don’t miss watching Chris Rock On Columbine Kids video routine to get a generic perspective on the stand-up comedian’s way of building routines, on his unique style and especially on some gaps he intentionally leaves for us to fill in.

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