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Chris Rock’s Gun Control routine is part of the Bigger and Blacker video released on DVD in 2000. This is just a little part of what kind of stand-up comedy Chris Rock is performing but it surely has his signature all over the routine.

If you like Chris Rock’s comedy, you will enjoy watching Chris Rock Gun Control routine. In this routine, the stand-up comedian brings his point of view about how laws should be changed in order to reduce the rate of crimes. He has a simple answer to this problem: the bullets should cost much more than they cost in the present time.

With this simple suggestion, Chris Rock makes a hilarious stand in the Gun Control routine, giving clear examples why the high price of bullets will work so well in lowering the rate of criminality.. His examples in Gun Control routine are completely funny but they make sense.

Beside the stand-up comedian’s ideas, what makes Gun Control routine funny to watch is Chris Rock’s delivery. His mimic, facial expressions and most of all his high-pitched voice and intonation will make you roll on the floor laughing. Chris Rock’s energy and passion is a big part of his talent for making high class stand-up comedy. You can clearly see his talent when you watch Gun Control routine as well as in the whole Chris Rock Bigger and Blacker video and all of his stand-up comedy performances.

Chris Rock is a stand-up comedian who has many fans, not only black because he makes such universal jokes and he forgives no one. In his stand-up comedy shows he takes on everything and everyone, so it is so easy to relate with his views. He puts a light on things in the way you never thought about or you were afraid to express them out loud. Chris Rock is not afraid and will state his opinions as loud as he can.

Watch Chris Rock: Gun Control routine and be amazed about how inventive the stand-up comedian can be. His stand-up comedy is energetic, passionate and outrageously funny. And if you can not get enough from Gun Control routine, you should watch the entire stand-up comedy show Bigger and Blacker and you will surely want to watch all of his other performances.

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