Charlie Murphy: High Functioning Retard Routine

Charlie Murphy: High Functioning Retard routine is part of the I Will Not Apologize video, released on DVD on February 16, 2010. The stand up comedian Charlie Murphy is the older brother of the actor and comedian Eddie Murphy. He managed to get famous for himself trough his funny stand up comedy shows. Charlie Murphy talks about day to day events and tells stories that happened to him, making them really funny and easy to relate to.

Stand up comedian Charlie Murphy became famous for his performances on Chappelle's Show, particularly in the Charlie Murphy's True Hollywood Stories sketches. In these, Murphy recounts his misadventures as part of his brother Eddie's entourage, including encounters with various celebrities such as Rick James and Prince. Charlie Murphy is also known for being the dog in his younger brother Eddie's 2007 film, Norbit.

In Charlie Murphy: High Functioning Retard video routine, he stand up comedian points out that there are a bunch of people out there who look exactly like us but they are, in fact really different. Murphy calls those people “high functioning retards” because they are well integrated in the society, but you can recognize them after you listen to them for 2 minutes. The routine is funny if you are not easily offended. The stand up comedian is kind of raw and mean, but he speaks for the majority of us. The difference is that he has the courage to speak out loud about this matter.

Charlie Murphy give some particular example of what jobs have the “high functioning retards” like the fast food industry or even the presidency of the U.S. making it really easy to relate to his jokes due to the fact that everyone has encountered at some point in their life such a person. But, on the other hand, the stand up comedian advices us not to get upset on them because they are what they are and they can help it.

Charlie Murphy: High Functioning Retard video routine is a sample of trademark Charlie Murphy stand up comedy. If you enjoy it, you should watch the entire I Will Not Apologize video on our Stand Up Comedy Concerts section.

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