Charlie Murphy: Eyeballs Routine

Charlie Murphy Eyeballs routine is part of the I Will Not Apologize stand up comedy video released on DVD on February 16, 2010. Stand up comedian Charlie Murphy, in his I Will Not Apologize video had the premiere in February 2010, on Comedy Central. Stand up comedian Charlie Murphy is the older brother of the actor and comedian Eddie Murphy, but he achieved fame on his own, trough his talent in stand up comedy.

Charlie Murphy: Eyeballs video routine is one of the funniest stand up comedy routines from Charlie Murphy. The stand up comedian is simply hilarious when he speaks in his low voice like is singing a rap song. But the funny in the Eyeballs video routine is the story itself. This is a story from when the stand up comedian was touring in London and he met a guy with the nickname “Eyeballs.” The laughter begins right from the start of the routine and it keeps on going until the end.

Stand up comedian Charlie Murphy pulls a great performance in the Eyeballs routine when he describes a man peaking to the women’s bathroom, with his big funny eyes. The story and the laughter go on while the stand up comedian imitates Eyeballs’ African accent; Charlie Murphy’s stand up comedy performance will have you in stitches from all the laugher.

Charlie Murphy has great stage presence; he is confident and he knows to use just the right words for you to really have fun while watching his Eyeballs video routine. If many comedians now scream on stage, with Charlie Murphy you have the feeling that he has a personal conversation with you, like a friend is telling you one joke after another.

Charlie Murphy: Eyeballs routine is only a sample of what the stand up comedian can do on stage. He can be hilarious for some and no fun for others. It is only a matter of taste in stand up comedy and you either love it or hate it. But it is definitely worth watching the entire I Will Not Apologize video that can be found in our Stand Up Comedy Concerts section.

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