Charlie Murphy: 6.5 Billion People Routine

Charlie Murphy: 6.5 Billion People routine is part of the I Will Not Apologize video, released on DVD on February 16, 2010. Charlie Murphy, the older brother of actor and comedian Eddie Murphy, managed to get famous for himself trough his funny stand up comedy shows. The stand up comedian talks about day to day events and tells stories that happened to him, making them really funny and easy to relate to.

Known especially from his performances on Chappelle's Show, particularly in the Charlie Murphy's True Hollywood Stories sketches and for being the dog in his younger brother Eddie's 2007 film, Norbit the stand up comedian knows how to point out the absurdities that happen every day. Charlie Murphy is not afraid to tell it like it is, even if he can get a little raw and offensive at times.

In the Charlie Murphy: 6.5 Billion People video routine, the stand up comedian talks about the consequences of the overpopulation of our planet. In his own characteristic way, Charlie Murphy manages to make us visualize what really means that at this point are 6.5 billion people in the world. This means that while we think about something, there is for sure a person actually doing that thing.

With his low, deep voice the stand up comedian sound like he is constantly singing a rap song, which makes his stand up comedy routines even funnier. Beside his jokes and absurd examples of what a man could do in this exact time, Charlie Murphy’s delivery shows he is an experienced stand up comedian, even if, at times, it may seem he is taking things too far or that he is repeating himself only to feel the time.

All in all, Charlie Murphy: 6.5 Billion People video routine is a funny stand up comedy moment for Charlie Murphy and it is worth a couple of minutes of your time. It will make you smile and wonder at the same time.

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