Carlos Mencia: Immigration Routine

The Immigration stand up comedy routine is part of Carlos Mencia’s Not for the Easily Offended stand up comedy video released on DVD on June 14, 2005. In this stand up comedy video, Mencia picks on everyone and points out race stereotypes and race relationships.

In the Immigration routine, stand up comedian Carlos Mencia reproduces very well some of the world’s most famous accents. He is so good at this that will amaze you and will make you roll on the floor laughing. Carlos Mencia may not have the smartest jokes or the most elevate language, but he has a lot of charm and confidence. This is the reason why the stand up comedian owns the stage every time he performs.

The stand up comedian Carlos Mencia, in his Immigration routine, also talks about slavery and how black people end up in America on the first place. The stand up show he offers us is hilarious. At some point during the Immigration routine, Mencia starts reproducing a scene between Africans. It will have you in stitches when you see him all over the stage and talking in his own African dialect.

If you didn’t get it from the stand up comedy video’s name “Not for the Easily Offended”, I must warn you that the Immigration routine really isn’t for the easily offended. Stand up comedian Carlos Mencia can be very raw and he does not care if his jokes offend people. But if you are a fan of Mencia’s comedy, you already know these things and you will surely enjoy the Immigration stand up comedy routine.

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