Carlos Mencia: Asians Routine

The Asians stand up comedy routine is part of Carlos Mencia’s Not for the Easily Offended stand up comedy video released on DVD on June 14, 2005. In this stand up comedy video, Mencia picks on everyone and points out race stereotypes and race relationships.

In the Asians routine, stand up comedian Carlos Mencia talks about how smart are Asians and how well are they doing in school. The main reason the Asians are so smart, in Mencia’s opinion is because of their parents. He then goes and point out he difference between American and Asian parenting. It is outrageously funny his Asian accent and the way he imitates Asians.

But stand up comedian Carlos Mencia sees very well that there are two sides to every story. He goes on complaining about Asian’s driving skills and calls the car “Asian kryptonite”. Stand up comedian Carlos Mencia, in the Asian routine also talks about the not so gifted Asian when it comes to bodily parts. It is hilarious but it can be quite offensive. No wonder why the name of the stand up comedy video is “Not for the Easily Offended”.

Carlos Mencia’s stand up comedy may not be very intellectual or philosophical but it is sure very funny. The stand up comedian may not use big words, but he is right on the spot and he dares to talks about sensitive subjects like race stereotypes and he has no barriers when stating his opinions.

What is so great about Carlos Mencia’s stand up comedy is the fact that he is very expressive. His mimicry and stage presence are amazing. And the way he joggles his accents is truly hilarious. The stand up comedian has no problem mixing his Mexican accent with his English and it comes out very natural. Over all, these things make for a great stand up comedy performance.

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