Bruce Bruce: What’s Sexy To a Man Routine

Bruce Bruce: What’s Sexy to a Man routine is part of Losin’ It stand up comedy video, released on DVD on February 8, 2011. In Losin’ It video, stand up comedian Bruce Bruce talks about life as it is, plain and simple, delivering laughter all over the place. Bruce’s favorite topics are race relationship, racial differences and none the less every day events.

What Bruce Bruce is doing in his What’s Sexy to a Man video routine is giving a free lesson to all women out there about how to attract a man to bed. The stand up comedian is giving his side of how a woman should behave with her man, in order to be apprehended as sexy. His observation and advice are out of the ordinary, but he cuts to the chase leaving us in pain from the laughter.

With a passion for his craft, Stand up comedian Bruce Bruce infects his fans with laughter, leaving them wanting more. He is the big man who delivers plus- sized laughs in his own style, without trying to be gracious or to spear someone’s feelings. Bruce Bruce’s stage presence is imposing; his delivery is hilarious especially when he talks about what a man expects from a woman.

What’s Sexy to a Man video routine is intended to be of help for women all around, when it comes to going to bed. He specifically asks for women to keep it simple, because men do not have the time to solve the mystery of fancy underwear. This stand up comedy routine will have you laughing from beginning to end because Bruce Bruce gets straight to the chase, leaving no place for misinterpretation.

Even if Bruce Bruce: What’s Sexy for a Man video routine tackles a subject used very often in stand up comedy, Bruce sure finds a way to keep it funny.

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