Bob Alper: Seminary Days Routine

Bob Alper: Seminary Days routine is a part of the Rabbi/Stand-up Comic (Really) stand up comedy video, released on 2007. Rabbi/Stand-up Comic (Really) is an autobiographical comic video on which clean jokes and religious humor alongside some well-told funny story are presented by an actual exponent of the mosaic religion.

In the Seminary Days video routine, stand up comedian Bob Alper talks about his days back when he was at the seminary, training to be a rabbi. Bob Alper’s jokes are always funny because he talks about his personal life experience. In this particular video routine, the stand up comedian shares with his audience his most embarrassing situation from when he went to Israel to profound his studies about Hebrew religion.

Rabbi/stand up comedian Bob Alper is always a delightful presence when he is on stage. He is calm and relaxed and his jokes are totally clean and family friendly. Even if he talks about his experience on the seminary, he is still making clever enough jokes that are really funny. Stand up comedian Bob Alper is not a modern age comedian and his stand up comedy is directed to an older audience, but he spreads a warm and homely spirit among his audience.

You don’t have to be Jewish to relate to Bob Alper’s stand up comedy, and this is the beauty of his shows. We can learn a lot of things about his religion while having a lot of fun. The Seminary Days video routine shows us that even if he is a rabbi, Bob Alper is just like any other people and had lived embarrassing situations like any of us. Rabbi/stand up comedian Bob Alper does not make his religion look like the best one, not he tries to point out its flaws. He just embrace it like it is, setting a great example for all of us, no matter what religion we have.

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