Bob Alper: Pets Routine

Bob Alper: Pets Routine is part of Bob Alper’s Rabbi/Stand-up Comic (Really) video release on 2007. Rabbi/Stand-up Comic (Really) is an autobiographical video, Bob Alper talking about various aspects of his life. This is funny and clean stand up comedy, coming from a practicing rabbi who makes stand up comedy as well.

In Pets video routine rabbi Bob Alper tells the story of his pets. The stand up comedian keeps the jokes really clean and family friendly- he is a rabbi after all. At the end of the routine, thou, he makes a not so clean insinuation which makes the whole stand up comedy routine even funnier. Bob Alper talks about how he got his two dogs and also about his cats and how life around them is.

It is always a delight to see rabbi/stand up comedian Bob Alper performing. He has that peaceful tone and his grandfather like looks that you are sure to bring along all you family to enjoy some quality time together. The comedian is not only a guy who thinks he’s funny and wants to earn some extra money, but Alper’s a real comic performing stand-up comedy with engagement and pleasure, sharing his unique experience with the rest of us.

Bob Alper: Pets video routine is just an ordinary story about men’s animal companions. This is a routine that anyone can relate to; anyone who has ever had a pet or who knows someone with a pet can be easily entertained by rabbi/stand up comedian Bob Alper’s comedy.

I don’t think anyone could not enjoy Bob Alper’s stand up comedy. He really makes day to day events seem funny, without having to use cusses and vulgarities. This is a rare quality for a stand up comedian today; but we have to keep in mind that he is a rabbi after all. In the light of today’s fashion in stand up comedy, Rabbi Bob Alper might not be on everybody’s taste for being too clean.

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