Billy Connolly: Women Demands Routine

The Scottish stand-up comedian Billy Connolly never ceases to amuse us. With every comedy routine, he manages to brighten our days. And most important: they never get old! He takes daily subjects and puts them in another light, in the light o funny. This is the same situation with the Women Demands routine.

Taken from stand-up comedian’s Billy Connolly Live at Hammersmith comedy concert, the Women Demands routine, even if it was filmed in 1991 it still applies. It is a classic. All men find themselves in the stand-up comedian’s shoes when it comes to women and their demands, that’s for sure.

Stand-up comedian Billy Connolly delivers laughter after laughter in his manic way of talking about women demands. From sexual demands to the demands for their wrights, women have driven men crazy, and this is the exact spot that Connolly hits. The point is not that women not only ask for things, they demand things, a lot of things and they want them now. And, of course, by the time you fulfill their demands, they will be changed.

The routine on women demands starts with stand-up comedian Billy Connolly talking about women sexual demands. It is absolutely hilarious how he describes this demands and he clearly took all of the men in the audience on his side. For women, enough is when they tell the man is enough.

Stand-up comedian Billy Connolly, in order to show how demanding the women are, gives the example of the women movements in America. His funny is beyond description. He will have you rolling on the floor laughing in no time.

If you want a good share of laughs, you should definitely watch Billy Connolly’s video routine Women Demands. And if you want to have stomach aches from laughter, you have to watch the whole stand-up comedy video Billy Connolly Live in Hammersmith.

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