Billy Connolly: Smoking Routine

The Smocking routine is a part of stand up comedian Billy Connolly’s Dublin show he performed in 2002. The stand up comedian talks about smoking and how non smokers are disturbed by the smoke even if they are in a room where it is allowed to smoke.

With his trademark Scottish accent and his agitated style, stand up comedian Billy Connolly is one of the most famous stand up comedians around. He made his way up into his fans hearts because he is hilarious and his ground braking stand up comedy knows no limitation. Billy Connolly is funny if you like raw, in your face humor. The Scottish stand up comedian cusses a lot and it takes some time to get use to his accent. But once you do, you are in for the comedy ride of your life.

In his Smoking routine, stand up comedian Billy Connolly tells us about what happened to him one when he was at a hotel’s bar, smoking and a woman asks him to put down his cigarette because her friend is sensitive to the smoke. At that point, the stand up comedy routine begins to fire up, at the same time Billy Connolly does. He starts to passionately sustain his cause, calling the people who are troubled by the smoke “tobacco police”.

If you are a smoker, you have to watch the Smoking routine of stand up comedian Billy Connolly because you will agree with him 100%. And if you are not a smoker, you will still find hilarious Billy Connolly’s Smoking routine because the man is right on the spot with his stand up delivery and he’s got some great punchlines

Beside his jokes and punchlines, stand up comedian Billy Connolly has great mimicry and stage presence. In the Smoking routine, the stand up comedian imitates a woman’s walk and it is simply hilarious. He does not sit in one place, he always runs around the stage because he wants to make eye contact with as much audience as possible.

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