Billy Connolly: His Wife in the Bathroom Routine

Stand-up comedian Billy Connolly is one of the most fanny Scottish comedians. With his accent that makes it hard to understand at first, but later becomes like a melody to the ear, the stand-up comedian made his video routines well-known for their witty humor. Although he uses a lot the “F word”, it is not enjoying. Its usage is very relevant for the context.

The video routine about his wife in the bathroom is taken from the “Was It Something I Said” stand-up video concert. In his original way, stand-up comedian Billy Connolly talks about his wife’s side of the bathroom, with all those products that he, or any other man for that matter, does not now what are for.

Stand-up comedian Billy Connolly admits that his wife is beautiful, therefore his dilemma: why does she need to use so many tools for? The most hilarious part is that when he describes the tools his wife uses. It is absolutely outrageously funny – his mimics, facial expressions, and the sounds he makes.

While stand-up comedian Billy Connolly describes his wife in the bathroom, it really makes you think why do women need so many products to make them beautiful? I think that Billy Connolly touched a sensitive spot with this video routine. It is and will always be every man’s dilemma and even makes women seriously think about it.

The way that stand-up comedian Billy Connolly puts in balance his side of the bathroom and his wife’s side is not an ordinary comparison. He compares his single beauty tool – his toothbrush, with his wife’s army of cosmetics and beauty tools.

I highly recommend watching Billy Connolly and his wife in the bathroom routine because it is extremely funny and truthful. Also, you can watch his entire stand-up comedy video concert “Was It Something I Said” to see other hilarious stand-up comedy routine videos.

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