Bill Hicks: Religion Routine

Stand up comedian Bill Hicks talks about religion in his Relentless stand up comedy video filmed in 1991, at the Centaur Theatre, during the annual Just For Laughs Comedy Festival in Montreal, Canada. This is Bill Hicks’ second stand up comedy concert; the first one, Dangerous, was filmed a year earlier.

In this stand up comedy routine, Bill Hicks talks about religion in his own characteristic way. He is angry, passionate but all the things make sense. And, what’s more, he manages to make the whole Religion routine very funny. But if you are very religious, I would not recommend you to watch it. It can be offensive for the highly religious people.

In Religion routine, stand up comedian Bill Hicks talks about a few contradictions like if we are meant to bring to the world as many children as we can, why is so wrong with turn on material? The stand up comedian stops for a moment just to tell us another funny story which happened to him in Alabama, after a stand up comedy concert. The way he tells it, even if the sorry doesn’t put him in a good light, it is very funny.

Of course, in the Religion routine, stand up comedian Bill Hicks also talks about the Christians who kill and compares them with Jesus coming back with an Uzi at hand. The routine is funny but it also states some obvious moral contradictions of people that call themselves Christians.

Stand up comedian Bill Hicks is not afraid to speak his mind, he is not afraid to point fingers at people because this is what he does in his stand up comedy shows. The comedian tries to make us see the world as it is and he is not afraid he will offend some people in the process. It is a risk that he took when he performed the Religion routine.

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