Bill Hicks: Non Smokers Routine

Bill Hicks’ Non Smokers routine is taken from the stand up comedian’s Sane Man video, released on VHS in 1989 and reissued on DVD, on December 6, 2005. The video shows us a young and fresh Bill Hicks who is not afraid to speak his mind. This time, the stand up comedian talks about smoking- about non smokers to be more precise.

The Non Smokers routine starts with Bill Hicks imitating a smoker’s cough. He is so expressive and so hilarious that you will see that he is a smoker himself. After asking how many non smokers are in the room, the stand up comedian lights a cigar and start smoking right there on stage. This is not an unusual thing for Bill Hicks. It shows that he is so comfortable on stage and he is not afraid to speak his mind, or to recognize his vices.

The entire Non Smokers routine, stand up comedian Bill Hicks is very confident and this is the thing that makes all his stand up comedy shows so real and funny at the same time. When he imitates a non smoker coughing around a smoker and starts telling the reasons he shouldn’t smoke is the moment when the routine is at its peak. Bill Hicks is so good with facial expressions and imitating voices that will have you laughing in no time. At one point he even makes a connection between secondary smoke and a secondary bullet in case someone doesn’t let him smoke.

During all Non Smokers routine, stand up comedian Bill Hicks has a terrific connection with the audience. At some point to the end of the show, he even talks to a person in the audience. The funniest line in the routine is when he assures the non smokers that he will be the one affected by smoking: “I’ll die, deal?”

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