Bill Hicks: It’s Just a Ride Routine

It’s Just a Ride is Bill Hicks’ final routine from the 1992 UK stand up comedy tour Revelations. The Revelations stand up comedy video was released on DVD on July 3, 2006, by Channel 4, as part of the documentary Totally Bill Hicks.

Stand up comedian Bill Hicks was and still is one of the most famous stand up comedians of our times. He will always remain a reference point for all stand up comedians today because of his sincere and passionate comedy style. Bill Hicks’ material largely consisted of general discussions about society, religion, politics, philosophy and personal issues. The stand up comedian’s legacy is very valuable, as well as all the things he thought us in his stand up comedy concerts because he wasn’t only an entertainer. He was a thinker and he shared his philosophy with us.

It’s Just a Ride stand up comedy routine is one of Bill Hicks’ philosophical comedy routines. It is funny but very insightful at the same time, like any other Bill Hicks stand up comedy routine. In It’s Just a Ride routine, stand up comedian Bill Hicks tells us about the meaning of life and how we like to kill the people who say that the life it’s just a ride. Why don’t we believe that life is just a ride? Bill Hicks has the answer for this as well as how to solve the problem of world poverty. It is so simple, you only have to accept that life is just a ride and all things will become so much clear.

Bill Hicks’ routine It’s Just a Ride is a classic stand up comedy routine and if you like insightful stand up comedy. An act from which you can learn things and a stand up routine that makes you think and have fun in the same time, this is Bill Hicks’ stand up comedy.

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