Bill Cosby: Drugs Routine

Stand-up comedian Bill Cosby talks about drugs and people who take drugs. In his characteristic way, he underlines the funny part about taking drug, but without encouraging us to take them. His extremely funny Drugs routine is included in his stand-up comedy video Bill Cosby: Himself, recorded in 1983.

In the Drugs routine, stand-up comedian Bill Cosby take on the funny downside of taking drugs. He talks especially about smoking weed and snitching cocaine. He does not agree with the consumption of illegal drugs, but he doesn’t put it as a lecture.

Stand-up comedian Bill Cosby shows us again his talent on making funny faces. His mimics are amazingly hilarious, they show that he is really on stage to entertain us, he is really feeling the moment and he strongly believes everything he is saying. He describes every moment, every action step by step and he is enjoying every second of it. This is why the message gets so easy to us.

In Drugs routine, stand-up comedian Bill Cosby imitates perfectly the gestures and has the right intonation. He coughs, he laughs, walks like a stoned man. But he is able to make us aware of the fact that he does not agree with this kind of behavior, even if he does not specifically says it.

What is new and will probably shock some people is that, in the Drugs routine, Bill Cosby cusses. He does not ordinarily use bad language, he is funny without it and this is what makes him the great Bill Cosby. But in this routine, he does, when talking about cocaine.

Another thing strikes as very funny in the Drugs routine. While mentioning cocaine, from the audience someone shouts as sign of approval. This event gives Bill Cosby the chance to underline his point once again with just a simple phrase: “There they go!” making the whole audience bursts into laughter.

I highly recommend to watch Drugs routine if you want to have stand-up comedian’s Bill Cosby opinion about this matter and, of course, to have a great laugh.

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