Bill Cosby: Brain Damage Routine

One of the classics of stand-up comedy by now, stand-up comedian Bill Cosby get his fame not only from stand-up comedy but from TV shows as well. He is known to take on every day topics and turn them into a mouthful of laughter. This is the case with the Brain Damage video routine, in which he talks about his children and children in general.

Part of the stand-up comedy video Himself, the Brain Damage is a routine that will make every parent laugh about his own misery and every child to recognize himself in Bill Cosby’s words. The stand-up comedian, in the Brain Damage routine, explains why parents never smile. He hits the spot with his hilarious comments about children being brain damaged and says that it is the only explanation of children’s behavior. He also solves all parents’ mystery: why children always answer “I don’t know” to the question: “Why did you do that?” Because they are brain damaged, that’s why!

In Brain Damage routine we encounter a rather young Bill Cosby whose humor is fresh and entreating. He comes with answers for desperate parents, trying to put a smile on their faces. And he really manages that. It is always fun to see stand-up comedian’s Bill Cosby talking about every day life. His facial mimics and voice imitations are genially funny.

Stand-up comedian Bill Cosby, during the Brain Damage routine also explains why children have brain damage. The explanation is really simple and Bill Cosby delivers it well: it’s the mother’s curse! I think all of your parents told you: I wish you have a child just like you! What Bill Cosby does in the Brain Damage routine is to underline the connection between children’s irrational behavior, brain damage and mother’s curse. Simple and outrageously funny like that.

If you wan to see stand-up comedian Bill Cosby at his best, I highly recommend watching the Brain Damage routine. If you start craving for more, you can watch the entire stand-up comedy concert Billy Cosby: Himself.

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