Bill Burr: Racist Movies Routine

Bill Burr: Racists Movies routine is part of the Why Do I Do This? stand up comedy video, released on DVD on September 16, 2008. Stand up comedian Bill Burr is one of America’s fastest rising comedians whose razor sharp stand up comedy about all the things drive us crazy will have you in stitches.

Bill Burr: Racist Movies video routine is one of the stand up comedian routine about political correctness when it comes to movies. We all have seen a lot of movies about the black people trying to fight for their rights in a racist country, but Bill Burr sees things a little bit different. He agrees that our ancestors were cruel, but racist movies today have gone wild, turning the racisms to the other side. I mean, the white people are like big white monsters, just waiting for any opportunity to turn on the black people.

Even if Bill Burr talks about a still delicate subject in his Racist Movies video routine, he is not afraid to tell it like it is. The stand up comedian is saying what maybe all of us are thinking about: The film industry today is overreacting when it comes to racist movies involving black people. We all know that after the black people had been liberated, things did not go so smooth for them, but today when it comes to movies, white people tend to be the ones discriminated.

Stand up comedian Bill Burr in his Racist Movies video routine is very straight forward and even gives lessons about how white people really behave when it comes to being racists. He is very funny, even if his stand up comedy routines can be a little raw. This is Bill Burr’s comedy style: to be brutally honest, knowing that he only speaks the truth the rest of us are afraid to say.

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