Bill Burr: Population Control Routine

Bill Burr: Population Control routine is part of the Why Do I Do This? stand up comedy video released on DVD in 2008. Bill Burr offers us 55 minutes of clean-cut stand up comedy, saying things just they way they are. Even though this is an older video you will see that people don't change and stand up comedy videos like this are worth while remembering on a day to day basis.

Stand up comedian Bill Burr is an observational comedian. He observes the mundane events we all face on a daily basis and then he tell us the truth we most of the time are too blind to see or too afraid to admit. In the Population Control video routine, stand up comedian Bill Burr not just points out some burning problems from today’s world like global warming and overpopulation of the planet, but he offers solutions as well. In fact, he discovered the ultimate solution that will solve all problems human kind has.

Population Control video routine is a typical Bill Burr stand up comedy routine, presenting him in his best shape. He is confident in his delivery; he easily owns the stage and has the most pertinent jokes that are outrageously funny. Besides being funny, Bill Burr’s stand up comedy scream the truth sitting all this time in front of our eyes. So, his solution to all the environmental problems is to control the population. There is no need for other children because we have enough as it is. Bill Burr’s arguments for why his solution is the best are bold but really funny at the same time.

If you are a fan of Bill Burr’s stand up comedy, you really have to see Bill Burr: Population Control video routine. If you are not a big fan, you should watch it as well because it is worth your time and it will make you laugh all the way trough it.

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