Bill Burr: Pedophiles Routine

Bill Burr: Pedophiles routine is part of the Why Do I Do This? stand up comedy video released on DVD in 2008. Bill Burr offers us 55 minutes of clean-cut stand up comedy, saying things just they way they are. Even though this is an older video you will see that people don't change and stand up comedy videos like this are worth while remembering on a day to day basis.

In the Pedophiles video routine, stand up comedian Bill Burr speaks what is on most people minds when they think about how all the media reacts today in the matter of pedophiles. On every channel you turn, there is news about sex offenders and this is very disturbing. On one hand, mothers have got to be overprotective with their children every time a man approaches them and on the other hand, men begin to fear children exactly because their gestures can be misunderstood.

Stand up comedian Bill Burr talks about a modern paranoia in the form of pedophilia in this stand up comedy routine. He is not afraid to state what is on his mind and accuse the media for over exposing us to many topic related news. Even if he talks about a serious matter, Bill Burr somehow manages to keep the entire Pedophiles video routine outrageously funny. His upfront stand up comedy style is very well appreciated by the audience, maybe because most of them relate to his observation on real life situations.

Bill Burr: Pedophiles video routine is a really funny stand up comedy routine, despite of its serious topic and this is because Bill Burr has a true talent when it comes to turning serious matters into laughing material. This stand up comedy routine can make you loosen up a little bit when you see a stranger on the street, because most mothers when they see an unknown man passing them on the street, they automatically think that he might be a sex offender. And this is not our fault; we are mostly a product of the mass media and Bill Burr is not afraid to tell it out loud.

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